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How It Works

We are not a public or taxi transportation.
We are a private non-shared from point A to point B service provider that provides modified specialized non-emergency medical transportation. We offer a range of additional services including upstairs/downstairs, room to room transfers all the way to taking customers that are in need of a regular ride to an out-patient surgery center for a small procedure. 

Our services also provide transportation for wheelchair/gurney bound customers that need to go to a general medical, specialty visit, need facility relocation transfer, are being discharged from hospital, airport pickups or special occasion event attendance.

In case you're wondering

How do services work?

Simple, we provide services on a pre-schedule basis. We encourage reservations on any services to be made min 24-48 hours before needing services. We accept reservations up to a month in advance. No, we do not require enrollment to use our services. They are book as you go.


Yes, we provide same day on demand services. However, they are based on availability ONLY.


No! We provide a variety of services that don't require you using transportation and can be performed onsite. 
(See additional services here)

Can a caregiver or loved one ride with the patient?

Absolutely! An additional passenger is allowed to ride with patient. If there are multiple additional passengers over one that would like to ride along; we allow, however fees may apply. Maximum capacity of 3 additional passengers

Are helping hands drivers and crew members certified or trained?

Yes, all associates are in-house employees and have performed an extensive pre-screened criminal background, drug/alcohol, driving record check. 

They are required to be certified in first-aid, CPR, bls, blood borne pathogen & oxygen administration. They regularly participate in a quality control characteristic assessment throughout their employment per helping hands company policy, in which all associates must retain an internal C.A. (characteristic assessment) passing grade to ensure we continue to provide the top-quality care along with excellent customer service our customers know us for.

Will the our drivers wait at appointment?

We provide two optional routing services.

Will-call is the routing service where a patient is dropped off at their destination. Upon being ready for pickup, they can contact our dispatch department to request transportation back on the next available unit. This option is convenient to request when customers have appointment(s) that may last more than 2 hours, such as dialysis, chemotherapy, outpatient surgery etc.

Wait on return is the routing service where a patient would prefer a driver to remain onsite while at the appointment. This option is popular for patients whom are in sensitive health conditions that restrict them from waiting for next available unit and would prefer to go home right after their appointment has been completed. This routing service is mainly used for general doctor's visits and/or appointments that may last under 2 hours.

What is our cancellation policy?

Upon requesting services, we require that all cancellation requests are 24 hours in advance. You typically have until 11:59PM the day before your reservation in order to cancel FREE of charge. 

However, any services cancelled on the same day of reservation are 100% non-refundable. All cancellations must be made by calling us at 866-900-0227

We do ask that if you contact us after business hours and you are unable to get in contact with a live representative. You leave a detailed voice message regarding cancellation and include name and last name of patient to count as cancellation.

How are the transportation services covered?

At the moment we are a private pay service provider (we accept visa, master card, Amex, discover and HHMT gift cards). Our incredible management team is currently working on contracting with various insurance groups to soon accept insurance for transportation service coverage. 

Many of those insurance groups will include Medi-Cal, CalOptima, IEHP, Scan, Blueshield and AARP. We are forecasting to launch our new insurance program before then end of summer 2023. We will continuously update our website and customers upon acceptance finalization of upcoming insurance programs.

What type of transportation services do we provide?

• Standard wheelchair
• Bariatric wheelchair (250 lbs.+)
• Scooter transfer transportation
• Standard gurney/stretcher
• Bariatric gurney/stretcher (250 lbs.+)

Do we provide transportation programs for customers that need transportation more than 2 times a week?

Yes! We are one of the only companies that understand that needing to go to regular treatment weekly is already a challenge in itself. Let alone finding reliable transportation to ensure you make it to your appointments on-time all the time. 

We have created a customized discounted reliable transportation program that allows customers and family members to be at ease. Our programs consist of a set schedule of pickup and route back based on appointment date, times and discharge times when patient is ready to go home. 

Where you don't have to call every day or week just to book over and over. This brings reliability along with a great way to save due to our discounted program rates we offer when using services more than 2 times a week. To learn more about the program ask to speak to a program coordinator at 866-900-0227. (Terms/policies apply)

Is our service door to door of curb to curb?

Our services are extremely detailed oriented. Therefore, we believe in providing a convenient service for all customers that receive a door-to-door escorting experience to ensure the security, safety and punctuality of their arrival to their destination.

What type of equipment do we use for additional services?

We guarantee clean, disinfected, regularly maintenance/certified equipment. The equipment we use ranges on the level of services the patient requires. All of our equipment is ADA (American disabilities association approved/modified to provide safe, secure and professional services. 

We also provide rental equipment to be utilized by customer while services are being rendered in the case they are in need of. This includes small/medium, large or extra-large wheelchairs for patients weighing over 250 lbs, oxygen while transporting (1-15 litters), stair chair transfer assistance for patients that need to transfer from second, third & fourth level homes, transfer boards to help patients transfer from bed to wheelchair. 

Specialized foot stools and/or cushions for patients that need their limbs to be on a leveled position during transportation due to severe fracture or disability that prevent patient from moving.

How can you guarantee that we have transportation available for your appointment?

Everything is not guaranteed in life. However, we are constantly thinking of ways to make transportation reservations seamless. We have found per experience that when making your future regular or medical appointments; we encourage to first contact our dispatch department at 866-900-0227 to request a list of times that transportation is available for the specific date(s) that work for you. 

This step works so that when you make your appointment(s) you can reference the list of dates/times transportation is available to take you to your upcoming appointment. This method has been proven to work in a more proactive manner so that customers can coordinate appointments with transportation more easily. 

Please be advised that this does NOT mean that if you already have a scheduled upcoming appointment we don't have availability. Contact us at 866-900-0227 to reserve.

Are our fleet equipped to transport ambulatory, wheelchair, powered wheelchairs or gurney patients?

Yes, all of our fleet are modified, ADA (American disabilities Association) approved. Our units are equipped to carry up to 2 wheelchair passengers at a time. 

One gurney & a wheelchair patient at a time. Hydraulic lifts for easy smooth wheelchair loading with a 4-point strapping securing system where a patient may transport without being removed from their wheelchair. Regular seating for patients and/or caregivers that are ambulatory. All of our fleet can accommodate patients weighing up to 700 lbs.

Do we provide transportation for customers with a scooter?

Yes, however due to safety protocols we ask that customer transfers to a regular seat upon loading or may ride in a wheelchair throughout transport. Remaining on a scooter during transportation is NOT allowed. 

Scooters are not equipped or classified as an approved transportable chair during transport. Scooter will be loaded and locked into position while passenger is transported in a regular seat bench and/or wheelchair.

Do we service outside our business hours?

Yes, we actually do have afterhours services based on availability and pre-approval ONLY

Do we expect customers to tip drivers?

No! All associates are trained to render professional services to its entirety without any expectations. You will NEVER experience low quality service because a tip is expected. 

We are also aware that in some cases there are very generous customers that would like to tip drivers for their own personal preference. In those instances, customers are allowed to tip at their own discretion. All tips are 100% kept by the associate, company does NOT take any percent.

Employees are 100% grateful to receive a simple smile from customer. Another great way to share gratitude with associate if you have received excellent service, is by leaving your honest feedback in our Google or Yelp business page, as we continuously offer internal incentive programs for all associates when they receive written feedback from customers for their performance.
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